We're finally recovered from a whirlwind trip to Amsterdam for IBC! Visit our Facebook page to see all the highlights, including the AJA press breakfast, AWS Elemental press conference, 4K 4Charity fun run, and the IBC Awards.

lion king

Jon Favreau's 'The Lion King' is a box office smash. Click here to learn about how OptiTrack's motion capture technology helped the team at Magnopus facilitate the virtual production on this groundbreaking film.

Guy Fieri

Biscuit's Andreas Nilsson shows off Guy Fieri's refined side in this fun new spot for Uber Eats! Check it out on Campaign as their ad of the week.

SXSW 2020 PanelPicker

Today's the last day to vote in the SXSW 2020 PanelPicker! Vote UP on these exciting panels: "Game-Changer: Video Game Tech is Transforming Film" featuring leaders in virtual production and moderated by the author of Epic Games' Virtual Production Field Guide; and "Cultivating Diversity Through Design" featuring insights from some of the brand world's top creative minds including Method Studios.

Light Field Lab raises $28M in Series A

Congrats to our friends at Light Field Lab on their $28M Series A round! Read more about their holographic display technology and the new investment at VentureBeat.

SIGGRAPH 2019 lobby

We had a phenomenal week at SIGGRAPH 2019! Thanks to all of our friends and clients for their great energy. Visit the RazPR Facebook page to see some photo highlights!

Congratulations to John Likens, Wesley Ebelhar, Arisu Kashiwagi, and the whole Method Studios team for receiving an Emmy nomination in main title design for their work on Cinemax’s Warrior!

Stranger Things mysterious alternate reality game

‘Stranger Things’ mania is in full force! m ss ng p eces celebrated the new season with a mysterious alternate reality game - which can only be played with 1980s technology. Find out more about it at Adweek.

behind the scenes of this year’s cheeky Shots Awards campaign directed by Biscuit’s Daniel Warwick

Have you called the Hot Praise Hotline yet? Click here to go behind the scenes of this year’s cheeky Shots Awards campaign directed by Biscuit’s Daniel Warwick.

sneaky roving Fortnite bush

Lots of fun sights and sounds at E3 this week, but our favorite might just be this sneaky roving Fortnite bush!