virtual production

The Hollywood Reporter highlights Unreal Engine's role in virtual production, which is on the rise in film and TV, especially as Hollywood seeks new ways to keep productions on track. Read the story here.

amazon IVS

We're excited to see Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) from AWS now available! IVS uses the video technology behind Twitch and makes it easy to host interactive livestreams on websites and apps. Read more about it from Engadget.

the tempest

The New York Times shares a sneak peek at Tender Claws' latest project: live, interactive, remote performances of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' in VR! Daily showtimes begin today for Oculus users. Read the Times' impressions here.

sarah hodges

Visit Production Hub for a thoughtful interview with Shotgun Software's GM Sarah Hodges, discussing the worldwide shift to working from home and what Shotgun is doing to support its staff and clients alike.


Team RazPR is glad to support the 4K4Charity event, even from afar! Thanks to our family members and pets for keeping us company on our runs!

virtual workstation diagram

fxguide explores the benefits of virtual workstations in this industry roundtable with experts from AWS, NVIDIA, and Teradici. Check it out here!

unreal engine 5

It's an exciting news week for Epic Games with the unveiling of Unreal Engine 5, launch of Epic Online Services, and announcement of a new $1M royalty exemption for developers. Read more at Digital Foundry, the Washington Post, and IGN.

photo from the expanse

VFX studio Rocket Science relies on Shotgun to handle production management and easily scale teams as the studio keeps up with the ever-growing demands for episodic TV VFX. Get a firsthand look at how Shotgun helps their facility in this story on AWN.

the under presents from home

Today on CNET, Scott Stein interviews the actors of Tender Claws' VR game 'The Under Presents,' and explores the future of virtual performances. Check out the full story here.

unreal engine 4.25

Unreal Engine 4.25 is out today, offering support for development on next-gen consoles! chats with Epic Games' VP of Engineering Nick Penwarden about the features he's most excited for in this release. Click here to read!