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Light Field Lab raises $28M in Series A

Congrats to our friends at Light Field Lab on their $28M Series A round! Read more about their holographic display technology and the new investment at VentureBeat.

SIGGRAPH 2019 lobby

We had a phenomenal week at SIGGRAPH 2019! Thanks to all of our friends and clients for their great energy. Visit the RazPR Facebook page to see some photo highlights!

Congratulations to John Likens, Wesley Ebelhar, Arisu Kashiwagi, and the whole Method Studios team for receiving an Emmy nomination in main title design for their work on Cinemax’s Warrior!

Stranger Things mysterious alternate reality game

‘Stranger Things’ mania is in full force! m ss ng p eces celebrated the new season with a mysterious alternate reality game - which can only be played with 1980s technology. Find out more about it at Adweek.


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