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We're excited to learn which 20 films are in the running for this year's VFX Oscar! Congrats to all of our clients who contributed their artistry and technology to these amazing films. See the full list at The Hollywood Reporter.

chris on set

VFX veteran Chris Del Conte of AWS Thinkbox shares some great insights with PostPerspective about how cloud-based workflows are transforming the creative process. Check out his thoughts here.

the under presents

Big congrats to our friends at Tender Claws for the launch of their new VR experience, The Under Presents, out now for the Oculus Quest! CNET says "it will blow your mind," and we agree. Read more about it here.


AWS and NASA surprised the crowd at SMPTE this week by conducting a live interview with ISS astronauts right from the stage. Visit GeekWire for a recap of how cloud-based workflows can distribute live video streams from space!


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