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Jay Maglione

What does a next-gen creative studio look like? For starters, it probably won't use much physical hardware. AWS product manager Jay Maglione shares his thoughts on the topic in AWN, including how 2020 has changed content creation workflows, and the cloud's growing role in VFX and animation. Click here to read.

lacoste match point

We're awed by the brilliant VFX from Mathematic in this new spot "Match Point" for Lacoste. Check out more details about the work at Muse by Clio.

virtual production

The Hollywood Reporter highlights Unreal Engine's role in virtual production, which is on the rise in film and TV, especially as Hollywood seeks new ways to keep productions on track. Read the story here.

amazon IVS

We're excited to see Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) from AWS now available! IVS uses the video technology behind Twitch and makes it easy to host interactive livestreams on websites and apps. Read more about it from Engadget.


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