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aws cloud

Can you tell the difference between a photograph and a high quality CG asset? FNX Technologies and Bru Textiles are using AWS Cloud to innovate product visualization and blur the line between real and photoreal. Read more about their process at

kate oppenheim

m ss ng p eces Managing Partner Kate Oppenheim takes an honest look at diversity in the ad industry, and how their company is doing the work to bring more voices into production. Click here to read her contributed piece in Shots.

linda sellheim

Epic Games' Education Lead Linda Sellheim recently spoke with AWN about the new Unreal Fellowship program for VFX and animation professionals to learn about virtual production. Click here to learn more about the Fellowship's rigorous curriculum, tips for applying, and future plans for the program.

Jay Maglione

What does a next-gen creative studio look like? For starters, it probably won't use much physical hardware. AWS product manager Jay Maglione shares his thoughts on the topic in AWN, including how 2020 has changed content creation workflows, and the cloud's growing role in VFX and animation. Click here to read.


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