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vfx voice

The spring issue of VFX Voice is out, and we're feeling the love! Check out the latest issue online for lots of great in-depth articles highlighting our clients including Autodesk and Epic Games.

epic and cubic motion

Exciting news from Epic Games today as they are welcoming the team at Cubic Motion to the Epic family. This move further expands Epic's commitment to advancing the state of the art in the creation of believable digital humans. Read more here.

In this video, the Corridor Crew visits the Unreal Engine / Lux Machina demo stage to get a firsthand look at the virtual production technology that was used on The Mandalorian. Check it out starting around 5:17!


In this exclusive article, Wired interviews Jon Favreau, ILM's Richard Bluff, and Epic Games' Kim Libreri about how Unreal Engine and new virtual production techniques helped bring season one of 'The Mandalorian' to life. Click here for the full story and BTS video.


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